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      The Service of"Green channel" in Five Cities

      In Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Changchunand Hunchun, Fuda can supply the rapid customs clearance services of Green Channel for customers' airfreight and ocean freight cargos.

      Six value-added but free services for customers:

      1.Apply for the Import License

      2. Apply for the Import Mechanical and Electrical License:

      3. Assist customers for the application of duty-free or duty-reduction of the impor

      4. Assist customers for the loan and acceptance from banks

      5. Assist customers for the logical pre-classification of the imported cargos

      6. the process of transshipment from dalian Customs to Changchun Customs.

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      • Headquarter:Room 3041, Block C 355 West Minzhu
        Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun, China

      • Zip Code:130061

      • Office Line:0086-431-85082117

      • E-mal:office-fd@fdme.com.cn

      • Fax:0086-431-88524765 / 88588689

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